By Mariana Guerrero

I love my name. . .
Mariana: bitter, derived from the god of war, the deepest point of the ocean, pieces of land not completely together but not fully apart
The color of my skin wraps around me perfectly
Mamá has fought many wars and lost a lot of blood
My father watches soccer and believes he’s still 21
I love my sister’s journey from a different world
My native tongue flows like the canals of Xochimilco
I love my fate: the hiding, waiting, trembling to stay, yet I am breathing in America
My ancestors whisper truths of tragedies
I love the way family becomes treasure, the cure to diseases, the air I breathe
I love the past: set in the stones of the Mayan temples in Teotihuacán
I love this moment: my heart beating with the drums
I love the future: unknown

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