By Lexi Evans

there was a boy in the room next to me,
room 645,
named alexander.
we were both on the sixth floor.

as i lay bed ridden in a hospital bed,
i look out the door,
every time anyone entered room 645,
they put on a gown and gloves.
i didn't know why.

but then,
i see him.

i see alexander,
a boy about 19,
using a walker,
shaking profusely,
weighing around 120 pounds at 6 feet tall.

he had bed hair,
chocolate brown bed hair,
his skin looked so soft,
a caramel bronzed and frail body,
walking in his gown,
a blue and green hospital gown,
with a walker,
a walker at 19.

i would hear his voice once in a while,
the voice of an angel,
he was a so upbeat.
nurses would come in,
and he would be so eager to talk to them.
so appreciative of everyone around him.
he was filled with so much joy,
so much love.
it made me ashamed to have ever been a pessimist.

he was happy to be there,
with cancer,
in the hospital,
using a walker,
at 19.

alexander did not care about social media,
he didn't care about his appearance to the public,
he didn't care about his money,
he didn't know he was a hero.

alexander just wanted to be healthy,
to stop his mothers tears,
to sleep in his own bed.

alexander didn't want designer clothes,
he wanted anything that wasn't a hospital gown.

alexander showed me life.

alexander showed me humanity,
what is important.

alexander taught me family,
he taught me love,
he taught me the true meaning of life.

alexander taught me that i am an imbecile.
why would i ever be so shallow?
why dont i appreciate every second on this earth?
why dont i give more?
why dont i remind the ones i love that i love them?

alexander changed my life,
without ever speaking to me,
no eye contact,
he didn't try to impress me in anyway.

alexander was the spitting image of humanity,
it is such a shame
that the ones who are dying
who have nothing
are the most grateful people on this planet.

i will never forget him,
that boy alexander,
the boy with the walker,
at 19,
the boy who lived in room 645,
on the sixth floor.

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